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Can I Use My HSA and FSA for Vision Expenses?

If you are looking for an intelligent way to meet your vision expenses, consider HSAs and FSAs. Health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible savings accounts (FSAs) are accounts in which you save money directly from your paycheck. The advantage here is that you do not pay taxes on the money. These accounts provide a great way to save money on every dollar you deposit. You get to use the money to meet health-related costs you would have spent on either way.

What Optometrists Can Do to Help Control Myopia in Children and Teens

Myopia in children and teens can manifest as difficulty seeing the blackboard in school, squinting, or sitting too close to the television. More than just an inconvenience, myopia in youth can have long-term consequences. I

How Pediatric Eye Exams Help Detect and Prevent Vision Problems in Children

Pediatric eye exams aren't just about determining whether your child needs glasses or not. They are a crucial element in the early detection and treatment of various vision problems that can affect a child's development and learning abilities.

How to Find the Right Dry Eye Treatment for Your Symptoms

Dry eye, often referred to as dry eye syndrome, is common and affects millions of people worldwide. Dry eye happens when your tear glands don't produce enough tears to lubricate your eyes.

Why Your Child Might Need Glasses: Signs and Symptoms to Look Out For

Being attentive to your child’s health and well-being is vital. One aspect that you must not overlook is their vision.

Controlling Myopia: How Optometrists Can Help

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a common eye condition. It affects a growing number of children and young adults. Myopia develops when the eye grows too long.

The Importance of Regular Pediatric Eye Exams for Children’s Vision Health

Vision is an essential aspect of a child's health and well-being. It plays a crucial role in their development and quality of life.

The Benefits of Early Diagnosis and Treatment for Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome affects millions of people worldwide. You experience it when you do not produce tears in sufficient amounts.

Dry Eye: Prevention and Treatment

Dry eye is one of the most common ocular conditions in America. Some people have it throughout the year, while others may experience it only during certain seasons.

5 Reasons to Switch to Disposable Daily Contact Lenses

When people think of contact lenses, the main idea that comes to mind is daily wear lenses.

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